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Four Signs You Probably Need a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is useful for maintaining the humidity throughout your home. If the humidity gets too high, your home will not only be uncomfortable to live in but you may also have issues such as pests or mold. So, how can you tell if humidity is an issue? Here are four signs to look out […]

Why Buyers Products? Made in America That’s Why!

Buyers Products in Cleveland, Ohio, continues to manufacture and produce quality domestic parts here in the United States. That is why we prefer selling Buyers Products Fleet parts and supplies. Check out this start to finish video of the assembly of a DumperDogg pickup truck insert.   Check out our complete Fleet Products section featuring […]

Does Humidity Affect the Flu?

Many people consider the flu virus to be more predominant when the humidity is low. Is this really the case though? Let’s consider two recent studies examined the effect that humidity has on the flu virus. The first study, completed by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, looked at how humidity levels affect the […]

Are You Guilty of These 4 Common Crawl Space Mistakes

Are You Guilty of These 4 Common Crawl Space Mistakes Blog article courtesy of Seaira Global   Many people think of the crawl space as a dirty, scary space and like to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, your crawl space needs some attention if you want to live in a well maintained home. If not […]

How Does Indoor Dampness Affect Your Health?

How Does Indoor Dampness Affect Your Health? by Seaira Global One of the benefits that is often associated with using a dehumidifier is protecting the health of the people living in your home. The thinking is that high humidity can have detrimental effects on your health and a dehumidifier helps maintain a moderate humidity level. […]

What You Need to Know: Foreign Grain Beetles

(article courtesy of Seaira Global; One of the issues with excess humidity in your home is the increased risk of pests. While some pests, like powderpost beetles, are attracted to moisture because they need water to survive, foreign grain beetles are different. These beetles aren’t attracted to the water itself, but rather the mold […]